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Star Gazing Geodesic Dome

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Property Detail

Region: Cheung Chau - Sai Wan
Floor: G
Service Type: Dome
Size: 310 sqm
Check In Time: 15:00
Max Guests: 4
Check Out Time: 11:30


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  • The campsite is located on the Southwestern tip of Cheung Chau, with  over 11 acres of land devided into 4 different themes. 
  • The campsite provides a unique outdoor nature experience, which allows you to closely be in touch with organisms.  All flowers, grasses, trees, butterflies, bees, reptiles, etc are part of the nature. Please contact front desk staff for inquiry or more information. 
  • Located at a higher elevation and offering breathtaking views of the ocean, guests can watch vessels sailing through the Straight of Po Yu Wan at daylight, and on a clear day, marvel at the shoreline of Lantau Island.
  • At the end of the day, relax while watching the sun setting into the sea. Later in the evening, far away from the city lights, guests can see the stars twinkling in the night sky through the transparent ceiling of the dome, while nestled in the midst of nature.
  • The Geodesic Dome can each accomodate 4 persons. Each equipped with air conditioning and private bathroom, hot / cold shower, allowing our guests to enjoy the glamping experience with nature.
  • The Geodesic Domes are not equipped with refrigerator. Cooler (with ice, 50L) can be rented at the campsite office. Extra ice can be added without extra charge. 
  • Each Geodesic Dome includes towels, slippers, bathroom articles, DIY breakfast. 
  • DIY breakfast usually includes bread, cereal, egg, dim sum, milk, orange juice, drink powder, etc. 
  • BBQ dinner sets must be ordered at least 3 days prior to check-in date. There are 2 types of BBQ stoves: tabletop stove and standing stove. Charcoal, plates for cooked food, lighter, BBQ net and tongs are included. Please prepare your own cutleries. 
  • Guests bringing their own stoves and food is also welcomed. However guests should follow staff's instructions for suitable BBQ/ cooking locations. Cook sets are also available for rental, but guests need to prepare their own food. 
  • The campsite also provides different entertainment and adventures for all ages, such as abseiling and barrier archery combat. 
  • Adventure available time/ Height requirement
    • Junior Abseiling  09:30-11:00 (Age 10+)
      Under the supervision of professional coach, participants will begin at the top and work their way down the rock face, ultimately being rewarded by the adrenaline and thrill of touching the ground. 
    • Bubble Waffle Workshop 10:15-11:45 (2-4pax in a group)
      Charcoal grilled egg waffles can be made by yourself, and have a taste of the most authentic and traditional egg waffle. 
    • Art and Craft Workshop 12:00-12:45 (Age 3+)
      Provides an opportunity for families to have fun together.  
    • Beggar's Wild Chicken 15:00-17:00 (3-5pax in a group)
       An opportunity to make beggar's wild chicken outdoors without using tools with your family and friends. 
    • Canopy Walk 16:00-17:30 (150cm+)
      The one and only Tree Top Canopy Walk in Hong Kong with The Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) certification and in compliance with the ANSI Safety Standards. The challenging adventure boosts your self-confidence and finishes off with the thrill of flying down the zip wire.
    • Climbing Monkeys 16:00-16:45 (Age 4+)
      For novice climbers to build up confidence and skills. 
    • Model Boats 17:15-17:45 (Age 5+)
      Controlling model boats while performing little games or tasks to train your endurance and focus. 

      Stoves and BBQ set
    • BBQ dinner sets must be ordered at least 3 days prior to check-in date. (At least 4 set)
    • There are 2 types of BBQ stoves: tabletop stove ($120) and standing stove ($300). Charcoal, plates for cooked food, lighter, BBQ net, and tongs are included. Please prepare your own cutleries.
    • Guests bringing their own stoves and food is also welcomed. However guests should follow staff's instructions for suitable BBQ/ cooking locations. Cook sets are also available for rental, but guests need to prepare their own food. 


Air conditioner (Warm & Cool)
Breakfast veranda & Picnic table
Private shower & toilet cubical

Extra Bed (Double) (+$800)
Extra Bed (Single) (+$500)
Outdoor Cook Set (1 stove, 1 pot, 1 fuel) (+$150)
Standing BBQ Stove (for around 12 pax) with 2 packs of charcoal (+$300)
Table Top BBQ Stove (for 3-5 pax) with 1 pack of charcoal (+$120)

Thing to note before booking

******Due to the restriction gathering policy, all tents are limited to four people, family members who live in the same household are exempted******
  • Once the reservation is confirmed, all changes or cancellation of reservation will be arranged according to the cancellation policies and bad weather policies. Please pay attention to these policies. 
  • The latest check-in time is 7:00 pm, and the earliest check-out time is 9:30 am. 
    Late check-in (after 7:00 pm) & early check-out (before 9:30 am) must be arranged in advance. Failure to do so may result in the forfeiture of your reservation or damage and cleaning deposit without refund or compensation.
  • Early check-in or late check-out is subject to tent availability, to be confirmed with Reservation or Front Desk staff. Additional fee based on rental rates and range from HK$500 per hour or portion thereof is applicable.
  • Upon check-in, guests need to pay a $500 deposit per tent (cash only). 
  • To make a reservation, guests must be aged 18 or above. Upon check-in, guests will be required to present a valid government-issued photo ID. Failure to present acceptable ID may result in the forfeiture of your reservation without refund or compensation.
  • Some attractions have specific restrictions of entry. Parents and guardians are responsible for the safe custody or care of their children while at the campsite. They should consider the age, height, maturity, strength, weight, or other attributes of people under their care when choosing a particular activity. Children under the age of 16 may not enter without a parent or guardian. Adult supervision is required at all times when under the age of 16.

Damage & Cleaning Deposit:
Guests are responsible for all the members of their attending party and are liable for any damages caused. These include, but are not limited to missing or damaged furniture, fixtures, lights, camping facilities, equipment, decorations, lawns, ponds, plants, trees, or fencing. These also include any necessary replacements, removal and/or custodial cleaning fee, as well as any costs for repairs and materials. Guests are required to provide a refundable cash damage deposit upon check-in. The full deposit amount less damage and cleaning charges if any will be refunded once the property has been inspected for any potential damage during check-out.

Security check
All persons, bags, parcels and other items may be subject to security checks at the point of admission to the campsite and at such other locations inside Saiyuen as considered appropriate. The Management reserves the right to refuse any bag, parcel, or other items to be brought into the campsite.

The following items can not be brought into the campsite:

a. Dangerous, hazardous or any illegal substance.
b. Any setting-up materials of chemical or flammable nature.
c. Recreational devices with wheels, including but not limited to skateboards, scooters, inline skates, shoes with built-in wheels and tricycles. (except strollers, wheelchairs and bicycle).
d. Pets – No person shall cause or suffer any dog or other pet animal belonging to him, or in his charge, to enter or remain in Saiyuen (except a guide dog for the blind).
e. Weapons of any kind, or objects that may give the appearance or impression of being weapons or toy guns.
f. Glass containers (excluding baby food jars and perfume containers).

The following activities are not allowed:
a. The sale of goods or services or the display of goods or services for sale.
b. The distribution or posting of printed materials of any kind in Saiyuen without written permission of the Management.
c. Carving or graffiti.
d. Unauthorized events, demonstrations or speeches and other unauthorized public gatherings.
e. The display of any flag, banner or other emblems.
f. Photography, videotaping, recording of any kind except for personal use.
g. Willfully or negligently throw, discharge, or shoot any missile, gun, air-gun, bow and arrow, catapult, or other devices.
h. Flying of model aircraft or other devices.
i. Feeding any animals in Saiyuen, including aquatic life, goats (except using feeds provided by Saiyuen) and birds
j. Private bonfire, candle, incense, fireworks and open flame.
k. Erect any post, rail, fence, pole, tent, booth, stand, building or other structure, or bring or allow remaining any materials for such a building or structure, without prior approval from the Management.
l. Any unauthorized tent and camp out without the permission of the Management.
m. Holding any event organized for the purpose of raising funds, whether for charity or otherwise without the authority granted by the Management.
n. Gamble.
o. Any illegal, immoral or improper conduct.

Photography, videotaping, or recording
a. Photography, videotaping and recording of any kind for broadcast or transmission for commercial purposes are forbidden without prior written permission of Farm Management.
b. Media activities in Saiyuen require prior approval.
c. The Management may photograph, film, videotape, record or otherwise reproduce the image and/or voice of any person who enters Saiyuen and use the same for any purpose without payment to any person.

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Child and Bed

Not Applicable

Cancellation Policy

Level 5

Reschedule booking
• Reschedule booking is not allowed

Cancel booking
• Reservations are NON-REFUNDABLE.

If any dispute arises, Holimood reserves the final decision. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
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Bad Weather Arrangement

1) In the event of a Tropical Cyclone Signal No. 1/No.3 or yellow/red/black rainstorm warning being issued on the day of arrival, the reservation will remain effective as usual. 2) In the event of Tropical Cyclone Signal No. 8 or above being issued, the arrangement will be as follow: a) if the Observatory announces that the above signals will be hoisted within 2 hours, bookings will be rescheduled to another date of the same price. Guests must decide and confirm the date within 7 days. b) if the above signals are removed before 7am, all bookings will proceed as scheduled. c) if the Observatory announces that the above signals will be hoisted within 2 hours (applicable to guests who had already checked-in), the campsite will be closed. All guests will be asked to leave due to safety concerns. All paid fees are non-refundable. Applicable customers can request for a reschedule within 7 days. The rescheduled date must be within 60 days after the original booking. Customers who fail to confirm a reschedule date within 7 days will be considered as forfeiting their reschedule right. Should there be any dispute, Holimood will retain the right of final decision.
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