Natural Garden - Car Camping/ Camping (BYOT)

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Property Detail

Region: Pak Nai
Floor: G
Service Type: Camping Sites & Gear Rental
Check In Time: 14:00
Max Guests: 20
Check Out Time: 12:00


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  • Natural Garden covers an area of more than 100,000 square feet and is a natural and wildlife sanctuary in Hong Kong.
  • located in Lau Fau Shan, Yuen Long. It takes about ten minutes to drive to "the most beautiful place to watch the sunset in Hong Kong". It is also a popular spot for eco-tourism.
  • Most importantly, you can drive directly to the campsite, which is the most beautiful car camping site in Hong Kong
  • Guests can bring their own camps or rent camping kits from the campsite,suitable for those who don’t have camping equipment and want to experience camping.
  • There is a large area of grassland for camping. Whether you want to experience tent-style camping or star-gazing camp, campsites are all available.
  • You can also drive to the nearby Lau Fau Shan seafood fishing village for dining or shopping.

Nearby attractions and activities
  • Nearby attractions: T-PARK, Luk Yau Yau Farm, App Store Cafe & Barbecue, Ha Pak Nai Beach with sunset
  • Ha Pak Nai, is frequently touted as Hong Kong’s best sunset spot
  • Luk Yau Yau Farm: Organic farm which occupies 200,000 square feet, with planting different kinds of fruits and vegetables, also to promote organic farming
  • T-PARK: The biggest environmental educating centre (Prior reservation through is recommended) , very suitable for family gatherings
  • Nearby activities: Fishing Centre, Chi Wing Dog Base
  • There is a famous fishing centre next to the campsite, which is really convenient! There are also other fishing sites located along Nim Wan Road, which can be reached within 5 minutes driving distance.


BBQ Facilities
Shared Bathroom
Shared Shower



Thing to note before booking

Camping notes

1. All camps must be reserved in advance, and same-day/without reservation applications are not accepted.
2. The check-in time is 2:00 pm, and the check-out time is 12:00 noon the next day.
3. If you need to reschedule, please notify at least 14 working days in advance. 
4. During the camping supplies rental period, please keep the rental items clean and return them before leaving the camp. If there is any damage or loss, compensation will be made according to the price.

Operating rules

1. Campers are not allowed to entertain outsiders by themselves, and visitors must obtain permission from the camp staff before staying in the camp.
2. The lights in the camp are turned off at 9:00 pm. All campers must stop all activities and keep quiet so as not to harass others.
3. Campers must bring their own personal cleaning and hygiene products.

Facilities and equipment:
1. The facilities and equipment used by campers shall be compensated according to the price if they are lost or damaged.
2. The campsite must be kept clean, no felling or picking of flowers and trees.
3. Without permission, it is not allowed to move the furniture/equipment in the camp and activity room at will.
4. Without permission, it is not allowed to hang flags everywhere, post leaflets of posters and use camp power without permission.
5. Without permission, it is not allowed to hang activity facilities anywhere, or take drinking water for activities/games without permission.
6. Please take good care of the public property, especially the water art installation in the camp, if damaged, it must be compensated according to the price.

1. Camper’s vehicles are not allowed to enter/stop without permission
Within the scope of the camp.

Injuries and accidents:
1. In case of any accident, please notify the camp staff or security guard to assist in handling.
2. The camp is equipped with simple first aid supplies, campers can check with the camp staff if necessary.
3. The camp should take all safety measures to ensure the safety of campers. However, in the event of any accident, the applicant organization is solely responsible for it.

Other rules:
1. Campers must arrive and leave the camp at the specified time. If you need to delay entering the camp or leave the camp early, you must notify the camp staff in advance.
2. In the camp area, campers must be self-disciplined, their clothes and shoes must be neat, and please don't be naked.
3. Do not enter the office area, storage room and kitchen without authorization.
4. Without permission, no recording or interview activities are allowed.
5. Smoking, gambling, drunkenness or any behavior that violates the laws of Hong Kong is strictly prohibited in the camp. Campers are not allowed to bring alcoholic beverages into the camp and light fires within the camp.
6. In the event of a violation of the camp’s rules or other illegal or deviant behaviors, the camp staff has the right to terminate the camp at any time, and the fees paid will not be refunded.
7. Campers must keep their personal belongings by themselves. If any items are lost, the applicant organization will be responsible for it.
8. In the event of an accident or typhoon during the camp, the camp staff have the absolute right to decide all matters to be handled, and no objection is allowed.
9. If there is an emergency to contact the camp staff, you can contact the camp staff.
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Child and Bed


Cancellation Policy


• 可更改入營日期1次(每張訂單)
• 不得更改入營詳情。


如有訂單日期更改或取消,Holimood 會向房客收取租金$50手續費,訂單登記人必須於指定日期的辦公時間內,發送電郵致 [email protected] 或以Whatsapp等書面通知以作安排。 如有任何爭議,Holimood將保留最終決定權。
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Bad Weather Arrangement

a. In the event of a Tropical Cyclone Signal No. 1 being issued on the day of arrival, the reservation will remain effective as usual.

b. If the Hong Kong Observatory issues the tropical cyclone signal No. 3 or above or a rainstorm warning signal the day of arrival, the reservation can be changed to another check-in date within 3 months. (The camp will decide the check-in arrangement according to the situation on the day)

c. The fees paid will not be refunded unless due to bad weather or other reasons.

Should there be any dispute, Holimood will retain the right of final decision.
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