Nissan Tiida / March - 外型輕巧新手操車之選 (日租)

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Terms and Condition

  • 繳付留車費後,需要提供身份證、駕駛執照(非暫准駕駛期執照)連同三個月內的地址證明發送給負責人。
  • 由於保險限制,租用人必須年滿25歲及持有正式駕駛執照兩年以上(暫准駕駛期不計算在內)。
  • 付費前請必須確保閣下符合要求,如因不符要求而未能成功預約,留車費將不獲退還。
  • 租用人必須準時。如預約交車時間15分鐘內未能出現,已付的租車費將不獲退還。
  • 取車地點及還車地點為觀塘。如需跨區送車服務(需要額外收費,約$600起單程計算, 視乎地區而訂)。
  • 每日取車時間為10:15AM,還車時間為10:00PM(如需更改取車或還車時間,公司將收取約 $200行政費)。
  • 如有任何爭議,Holimood將保留最終決定權。

How to use

  • 使用日期為取車日期。
  • 租車費用
    $700/2 days
    $900/3 days
    $1800/7 days
  • 如確認租車,只須先繳付所需的租車費用,取車時再繳付$3000按金(必須為現金)。還車時車輛並無損壞會即時現金退回 $2000 按金,及後3個月內沒有收到租車期間的告票或罰款便會以銀行過數方式退回餘下之 $1000。
  • 取車地點及還車地點為觀塘。如需跨區送車服務(需要額外收費,約$600起單程計算, 視乎地區而訂)。
  • 每日取車時間為10:15AM,還車時間為10:00PM(如需更改取車或還車時間,公司將收取約 $200行政費)。

$400 up


  • Noah Auto 於2017年創立,一直致力在香港提供優質而超值的租車自駕服務。
  • 我們深深明白在香港擁有一部汽車的成本高昂,包括停車場、保險、牌照費及維修等等,通通都令不常開車的車主卻步。
  • Holimood現為不常開車的你,提供一個方便又快捷的租車服務。
  • 無論你想租車做接送、去郊遊、又或者去CAR CAMPING都非常方便,仲可以按需要租1日、3日或者7日。
  • 我們有不同級別的5/8人車供大家選擇,價錢合理。
  • 我們會根據客人所選擇的車輛級別,並會按供應派發該級別的車輛。如有車款偏好可向於訂單備註,我們會盡可能安排。
  • 另外可考慮Holimood獨家──車頂營連汽車租借露營體驗,一站式租借車頂營連汽車計劃。
  • 另有月租選擇: Nissan Tiida / March - 外型輕巧新手操車之選 (月租)

🚗Nissan March 
外型輕巧矯健, 車身短小易泊, 慳油好力, Keyless免匙系統, 新手上路首選

🚗Nissan Tiida 
慳油休閒揭背車, 車廂空間寬闊, Keyless免匙系統, 特大尾箱, 經濟抵玩之選


  1. 租用人必須持有至少25歲的香港身份證,並持有超過24個月的香港駕駛執照 (暫准駕駛期不計算在內)。

  2. 我們會根據客人所選擇的車輛級別,並會按供應派發該級別的車輛。如有車款偏好可向於訂單備註,我們會盡可能安排,並不能100%保證車款。

  3. 租賃車輛費用中已包租車保險保費,如涉及交通意外需動用保單賠償,需額外另付自負額及行政費。

    (1) 對第三方死亡或身體傷害的法律責任為一億港元。
    (2) 第三方財產損失最高為200萬港元。

  4. 出租之車輛均已裝滿汽油,租客在交車時必須將油缸裝滿。

  5. 如有任何爭議,Holimood將保留最終決定權。


Does the rental have age and ahead? (Auto-translated by Google)
Renters must be 25 years old and have a formal driving license for more than 2 years. (Auto-translated by Google)
May I choose the color of the vehicle and the car? (Auto-translated by Google)
We will ensure that you are reserved for your reservation level or upgrade to a higher level vehicle, but color and cars are not specified. (Auto-translated by Google)
Can you make an appointment in advance? (Auto-translated by Google)
Yes, we accept an appointment for one day to one month. (Auto-translated by Google)
How to confirm the body condition when taken? (Auto-translated by Google)
When the staff will take the film to confirm the body condition while paying the car, it will be checked to check the body according to the fragment. (Auto-translated by Google)
Do I need to be responsible for the vehicle machine failure? (Auto-translated by Google)
The maintenance of the whole car is responsible for the company (except windshield and burst). (Auto-translated by Google)
What should I do if the vehicle machine is faulty? (Auto-translated by Google)
Please inform the staff as soon as possible, we will arrange the corresponding emergency support services in response. (Auto-translated by Google)
Can I pay early early? (Auto-translated by Google)
You can check if you can check if you can return to the staff early 24 hours ago, and the company will receive $ 200 administrative fees after the staff agreed to change the time. (Auto-translated by Google)
Can I extend the lease? (Auto-translated by Google)
Please query the staff as soon as possible to extend the rental period, such as the permission, the staff will provide you with the arrangement of payment. (Auto-translated by Google)
Do you need to charge a handling fee? (Auto-translated by Google)
In need, if it exceeds the original car for 30 minutes, the company will charge $ 200 administrative fees, and the administrative fee is $ 200 per hour. (Auto-translated by Google)
Can you smoke in the carriage? (Auto-translated by Google)
No, all vehicles are strictly prohibited to smoke, such as the staff verifies that there is a smoke flavor, and will charge the corresponding cleaning fee. (Auto-translated by Google)
Do you need to add oil before? (Auto-translated by Google)
When the guest takes the car, the staff will be filled with oil, please ensure that the vehicle has been filled with oil, and the guest only needs to add ordinary gasoline. If it is not filled with oil, the company will charge $ 200 administrative fees, and add the owner and the oil fee of the vehicle. (Auto-translated by Google)
Can you pay a car in your designated location? (Auto-translated by Google)
Only available in Kwun Tong, take the car and return the car. (Auto-translated by Google)
If I am a foreigner, how should I rent a car? (Auto-translated by Google)
You have to 25 years old and have a valid passport and an overseas driving license for more than two years, and must present an entry date and an effective entry seal. (Auto-translated by Google)
What should I do if I receive a fine ticket during the car? (Auto-translated by Google)
If the company receives the notice of money payment or traffic violation notice issued by the police, each letter will charge an additional $ 200 administrative fee and add the original fines. If you receive any penalty ticket, please pay a fine within 21 days of issuance. (Auto-translated by Google)
What should I do when traffic accidents? (Auto-translated by Google)
If unexpected occurs, first maintain calm and ensure personal safety, and then alarm for help. Keep in keeping the report number and all the contact calls related to all involvers, including the driver and owners), and contact the company staff within 1 hour, otherwise it will have the opportunity to fail. (Auto-translated by Google)
If you accidentally need insurance companies compensation, how much is my self-intelligence? (Auto-translated by Google)
If you need to compensate for the loss of the vehicle, your highest need to pay is $ 45,000. If you need to compensate for rental vehicles and third-party property and casualties, your highest needed self-fulfilled amount is $ 60,000. (Auto-translated by Google)
If the weather is harsh, what should I do? (Auto-translated by Google)
As within two hours before the appointment takes the pick-up time, the observatory hangs red or the following typhoon warning signal or the three or less typhoon signals, which will be used, if you need to change the appointment will charge the corresponding administrative fees. For example, within two hours before the appointment takes the pick-up time, the observatory hangs the black rainwater warning signal or the typhoon signal, which will automatically cancel, you can change the appointment into other days within two months, stay the fare in any Not refunded in the case. (Auto-translated by Google)
What should I do if I hang 8 or more wind signal or black heavy rain signal during the rent or the car? (Auto-translated by Google)
Renters are responsible for ensuring the safety of vehicles under bad weather and try to park in indoor parking. If the harsh weather affects the car arrangement, the staff will contact you as soon as possible. (Auto-translated by Google)


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