【Sai Kung】Single kayak/ Double kayak/ SUP Board rental

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1. I understand that this activity is a physical exertion activity. I have read the relevant terms and conditions of this activity in detail, and understand the medical and natural risks involved in this activity. I understand that the activities include (but are not limited to) water sports. I declare that I am in good physical condition and able to participate in this activity. Regarding the water activities, I have basic swimming ability (meaning that I can swim 30 meters on my own without any help from others, and no medical practitioner has ever made any suggestions. I am willing to participate in this activity and I am willing to bear all risks and responsibility. I have no right to claim compensation or seek liability from HOLIMOOD / any relevant coaches or staff for any accidents, deaths or losses of any kind caused by me on my way to and from the event venue or during the event.

2. I agree:

The conference and the media can use my personal data, portrait, name and voice for planning and promotion (including used in the webpages, short videos and promotional publications of related events of the conference) without reviewing the situation and without my additional consent.


3. I confirmed and agreed:
HOLIMOOD shall not be liable in the following circumstances (but not limited to):
– Any personal loss or injury;
– Any direct or indirect loss (regardless of personal injury or property damage)

The company is an online platform that provides services for selling packages. Participants are responsible for their personal actions. HOLIMOOD will not bear any legal responsibility for their personal actions, including but not limited to restrictions on gatherings. In any case, from the day you submit the registration, regardless of the losses and accidents that occur under any circumstances, the organizer and the sponsors and support units, including the staff, shall not be required to compensate or bear any legal responsibility for this.

The agreements and regulations in this statement are agreed by both parties. If any agreement in this statement is deemed invalid or unenforceable by any court or administrative agency, the invalid or unenforceable agreement shall not affect other provisions of this statement, and the provisions of this statement shall remain legally binding.

I have read and agreed to the above exemption and exemption clauses, and disclaimer, rules, all terms and conditions.



1.  Participants must be at least 18 years old

2. Participants need to follow the coach's instructions at all time.

3. Participants should follow the coach's instructions and wear safety equipment properly.

4. Due to hygiene issues, participants are advised to bring their own gloves.

5. Don't litter.

6. Participants are required to keep personal belongings by themselves. If they are lost, the applicant organization will be responsible for it.

7. Participants must take care of themselves and the safety of their companions, and always take care of the children and those who need to be taken care of.

How to use

  • Holimood confirmation email must be presented when participating in the event
  • Opening hours:0900am-0500pm
  • The activity is only applicable to the confirmed booking date and time and will expire after the deadline
  • After the order is confirmed, there will be no refund or any changes
  • If T3 or yellow rainstorm warning is hoisted at the Observatory 2 hours before departure, the itinerary will be rescheduled. No refund will be given,
  • If you wish to change another date due to bad weather conditions, please inform our customer service team via Whatsapp in written form with a new chosen date. The new chosen date should be within a month of the original booking date. 
  • If the price of the new chosen date is higher, the difference of price will be charged. If the price of the original date is cheaper, a refund will be not be given. 
  • The date of experience will not be changed if we receive no updates from guests. 

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Talking about the Water Sports? Of course you have to go to Sai Kung for that!!! As active people, I believe you will not resist outdoor activities! A variety of exciting water sports have finally landed on Holimood! ! ! We guaranteed to bring you an unforgettable experience! 🧗🏻‍♂️ 

⛰️ Introduction 

  • Area: Sai Kung
  • One of the participants must be at least 18 years old
  • Time:0900am-0500pm
  • Price included:
    Life Jacket
    Changing room
    Free shower facilities
    Locker($30、daily rental、pay at spot)
    Parking - reserve only on arrival, on first come first serve basis
    [Weeksays excluded public holidays]:Hourly $25 / $80 per day
    [Weekends & public holidays]:Hourly $30 / $160 per day
  • *Colours of the kayaks are randomly arranged.

Single kayak/ Double kayak

  • Introduce basic kayak rowing skills together with the basic safety knowledge for kayaking

SUP board

  • Introduct the basic skills and safety knowledge of SUP board

⛰️ Timeslot and Price

Time: 0900-1700 (You can start at anytime within this period, and please return before 1700)

Sai Kung - Single Kayak
Weekdays(Public holidays are excluded)
Weekends and public holidays

Sai Kung - Double Kayak
Weekdays(Public holidays are excluded)
Weekends and public holidays

Sai Kung - SUP board rental
Weekdays(Public holidays are excluded)
Weekends and public holidays


Process biness point play frame? (Auto-translated by Google)
After the canoe and life jacket, the staff will teach basic common sense. It is free to fall to the water to play. (Auto-translated by Google)
Can you rent a few wear? (Auto-translated by Google)
Use time: 0900-1700! (Auto-translated by Google)
咁 If I want to start playing with 12 o'clock? (Auto-translated by Google)
Of course, there is no problem ~ all the same price, as long as you still have a lava before 1700 ~ (Auto-translated by Google)
Do you ask your child to save your jacket? (Auto-translated by Google)
Some, the quantity is limited first. Guests can also purchase a child life jacket in Holimood Shop. Children's life clothes can be purchased at Holimood Shop: https://bit.ly/3crlq2f. (Auto-translated by Google)


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Exact location provided after booking


$100 up